Where my Witches at?

Where my Witches at?

I’m a witch, bitch

I got magic in my eyes

I see you twitch, miss?

Are you dazzled by disguise?

Nothing to fear, dear

You’re just taken, by surprise

No pointy hat; cat

I got bunnies by my side

No crooked broom, gloom

It’s pretty pink where I reside.

But I cast spells, child

Cast them close and cast them wide

It’s to attract, that

Which I feel so deep inside:

See I manifest totality

To improve upon humanity

Make true a new reality

Hear the world as I describe:

It’s time for witch, bitch

No more hiding, no more lies

Watch me shape, shift

Out the closet, into pride

Come out and play, slay

Dragons fall and dragons rise.

The only glitch, miss

Is not to listen, not to try

There’s a new way, say

Revealing starts and its today

Step up a gear, dear

Transcend space and time


Love is my potion

Acceptance, the notion

Forgiveness sets the motion

Yes, I’m causing a commotion!

Cause I’m a witch, bitch!

Shake it up; mind my stride

I’ll stir the pot, dot:

Doing one thing at a time

See the smoke, miss?

It speaks of fire, deep inside

There’s witch in you, too

You intuit that it’s true

Let it out, dear

We only fester when we hide

No meek and mild, child

Chant these words and we’ll abide

The spell that won’t be broken

Is in giving, hearts the token

List the possibilities

Majority, minorities

Hope’s our commonality,

Differs madness from sanity

It connects us true, repeats anew.

It lives within me as it lives within you.

And while some think it may be strange,

There’s nothing scary about change

What’s ‘Witch’ at best? Test:

Internal magic, made manifest.



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